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Ask yourself the following questions!

Are you daunted by the complexity and expense of ICT?
Is your ICT a mix of uncoordinated computers?
Do you have an ICT strategy, if so do your employees know what it is?
Are you simply just using your ICT or is it really working for you?
Is it wasting you money not saving it?
Do you need someone to help you sort it all out? Someone who's not selling you something?
Your currently installed software - are you using it to its full potential?
Your data - how do you protect it, what would happen if your system crashed?
Are you having problems with your equipment?
Are you thinking of updating or expanding your resources?
Do you have an online presence, if not are you considering this and not sure about how to do it?

At I.T.tracservices we can help you with all these answers, we will analyse your existing ICT and advise you accordingly. Developing skills in the personal use of IT typically consists of acquiring proficiency in Windows operations and increasing degrees of expertise in the use of one or more packages.

We will carry out a "training needs analysis" to ensure the best possible return for your organisation. Training will be carried out to suit your organisational needs and to ensure that your day-to-day business is not disrupted.