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Web Design

Our approach to the web design process is as follows:


The first step in the process is the consultation .... we sit down with you, the client, and discuss your requirements for a web presence. This is the most important step in the process in order to determine the scope, content and media. Will you need hosting, domain names, a database, or an e-commerce site? It is very important to understand and agree what is going to happen when the site is constructed and delivered to you, the client. Do you wish to maintain the site yourself or will you require us to refresh you site for you, content will need to be refreshed on a regular basis as repeat visitors are always looking for fresh material. We can furnish you with the software and the training to update the site yourself or we would be quite happy to provide this maintenance service for you. At this point you will have an idea what costs will be involved.


Once the initial consultation is concluded we get started, the next stage in the process is the Planning stage. this is when a draft of the proposed site is laid out on paper. You will see the proposed colours, navigation, fonts and the use of images etc. At this point, after agreement on the content, we will be able to set deadlines and exact costs will be agreed.


We build a navigational prototype for you, you try it out and give us feedback on your experience. The proposed design details will now be built into a set of test pages and if you like what you see then we move to the next stage, that is development of the full site.


This is the point where the site is constructed according to what was agreed at the consultation stage i.e. if it is to be an e-commerce type site then all the elements for this will be put together. Extensive testing of the site will then be carried out before the finalised site is handed over to you, the client.


Your site is now live! Your business is now viewable to all Internet users.


Prices will vary as the structure, functionality and content of the website will dictate the work involved. Approximate costs will be given after the consultation stage.